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Tugas Bahasa Inggris Bisnis Yang ke-1

semi block stlye

Imperial Stationery Ltd

258 North Hampthon Road

Manhasset, NY 10847

Your ref : TL/TT/2B 23 July 2012

Our ref : BT/LB/12

Ms. Ashley Nickols

Savbizcor Ltd

28 Green St, Suite 11

Upstate, NY 10947

Dear Ms. Nickols.

Thanks you ondering 15 cases of premium paper from Imperial Stationery ltd. Your order has been shipped and should reach you within the next five businnes days.

Find enclosed your total bill for the above order amounting to $795.85, and the check for $23.85 is your refund. Because you paid in advance, we are giving you 3 percent cash discount and we also are playing for shipping and handling.

Imperial Statinery in pleased to add you to its list of costumers. We look forwad to next order.

Yours sincerely

Jennifer O’Conelly

Costumer Service

Block style

Mary E. Klaebel

230 Vista Drive

Memphis. TN 38130

Your ref : LA/LA/2 23 July 2012

Our ref : GT/SB/16

Ms. Eva Lewis

Purchase Manager

931 E. Land Drive

Memphis,. TN. 38130

Dear Ms. Lewis

I am applying for the technical writer position advertised in the july 2012 , Memphis Magazine. My relevant experience is diverse and establishes me as a first-class candidate for this opportunity.

My writing experience is extensive. I am currently employed as a staff technical writer for a local company. My past work experience includes business and freelance writing and editing. At my current amployer. I draft technical descriptions of products for the company website and maintain and all new hire documentation such as the employed handbook.

Additionlly, I edit fiction manuscripts for an online e-book publishing company. Specifically, I edit for overall flow, content, grammar and spelling, in my editing role, I have regular interaction with authors and the publisher.

I am available for an interview scheduled at your convenenience. I may be reached at the telephone number above. Thank you for your consideration.

Your sincerely

Mary Klaebel

Writing sample

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